Dr. Lina Thakar Designed and Customized Super-Specialty Panchakarma ProgramPlease click here for Residential program.Visiting from out of town?Specialized Integrative Wellness Healing Program for Natural Prevention & Well-being in the United States.Sacramento pickup service

Pick-Up service: From massive company loads to personal use, we got you covered, all completely customizable and tailored to individual needs.

Drop-off laundry Sacramento

Drop-Off services: Leave your dirty laundry at our doorstep, and go about your day. You have more important things to take care of.

laundry service Sacramento

Self Service: Using our equipment is as simple as inserting the laundry, adjusting the settings, and lounging in our climate controlled room.

Sacramento dry cleaning

dry cleaning: There is a wrong way and a right way to do things, thankfully we seem to get things done right. 

laundry service Sacramento

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