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laundry service

More than just a laundry service

At A1 Laundromat, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional washing experience that includes amenities and customer service. You will find the following amenities available to you while you complete your task:

Contactless Payments:  We offer contactless payment options to ensure your safety at our location.

Air Conditioning:  We want you to enjoy the comfort of our climate controlled, fully air-conditioned building.

Free WiFi Internet Access:  There’s no need to have a boring experience while here. You can watch a movie, check on your favorite blogs, or keep up with friends by using your laptop, iPad, Kindle or smart phone.

Entertainment:  If you’d rather enjoy a movie, the latest sporting event or your favorite TV show on one of our five 65” High Definition TVs, that’s also an option. You may even prefer pleasant background music to make washing your laundry less of a chore. Everything is included, free of charge!

Security:  We want you to feel safe and comfortable while here. That’s why our facility is equipped with surveillance cameras.

Easy Access:  There’s plenty of parking for your convenience. If your hands are full, just use one of the dual swing entry doors to provide maximum access into and out of our facility.

Supplies and Refreshments:  We also offer a varied selection of laundry supplies and refreshments for your convenience.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We are always more than happy to receive feedback from our customers. They help us to better manage our facility and continue to provide you with a positive experience.


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