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Easy Ways to Remove Gum from Clothing

It’s irritating. It tastes good, and everyone loves a piece of gum. But how many times have you either stepped in a piece of gum on the sidewalk or parking lot, or worse, gotten it on your clothes? It seems that you would have to throw your shirt, pants, or jacket away. Or, you could just live with the fact that there’s a big patch of gum sitting in plain view. Don’t worry. There are easy ways to get that gum out of your clothing so rest easy.

Remove That Coffee Stain

For most of us that first thing we think of when we have to get up to start our day is that big cup of our morning coffee. It’s like you are not yourself until you get that first sip that will perk up your morning for the day. Coffee has been a great way to start our day and many of us rely on that big cup of joe.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Table Napkins Clean

Fabric table napkins provide an Eco-friendly way for anyone at the table to wipe their hands and faces after mealtime. With that said, after each mealtime fabric table napkins need to be cleaned immediately and properly for them to stay in excellent condition to last through countless mealtimes with love ones. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your fabric table napkins looking great and always pleasing to use by your dinner guests.

How to Clean and Care for Blankets

Coverage that provides warmth and comfort from the cold is the sole purpose of a winter blanket. As such it takes a beating through constant use all season long. Being utilized many times over, when the time comes to clean that blanket the task of ridding it of all dirt and debris can be daunting.

The Fabulous Benefits of Natural Fabrics

Should You Pay Attention to Your Favorite Clothing Brands’ Fabrics of Choice?

You walk into a store, see apparel from your favorite brand, and decide to try it on. It fits, just like the best hair extensions! That’s all that matters, right? Well, what if someone told you that the most common fabrics used to make clothes are not only detrimental to your skin, but also to the environment?

How To Clean Faux Fur

When you have a Faux Fur coat and winter is approaching you will want to clean it before you wear it. Having a clean coat is a good thing but sometimes it might be difficult to clean the faux fur, however with these tips you will find cleaning your faux fur much easier than if you do not use these tips.

Tips For Your Delicate & Expensive Clothes

One’s wardrobe speaks volumes about their personal sense of style. This makes those delicate and expensive clothing one owns a true treasure and integral part of their overall wardrobe. These are key pieces that one purchases for longevity, style and class. Ensuring such items last a long time is made easy when you pay close attention to laundering and storing those coveted items.

Ironing Tips You Need to Know

Iron On

You are joining a secret society of ironing professionals so forget the past of scorched, or warped one of a kind pieces that were forever changed by less than exemplary ironing skills. It is the dawn of a new day and you will get training in a new way.