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Keeping Your Curtains Clean

Curtains are an essential part of any room in the home. They are needed to block out dust and dirt in the home as well. It is important that they are taken care of so that they have optimal function. Often people will hang curtains and then will forget about cleaning them which leaves dirt and dust hanging on your curtains. Once you start to regularly clean your curtains it will allow you to enjoy them even more.

DIY Couch Cleaner Tips

Our couches are the main part of our home décor in our living space. It is a place where we sit to watch TV, read the paper, or talk on the phone. But all this usage has a major drawback, the couch will need cleaning. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as throwing it in the washing machine or sending it out to the cleaners. So, what do you do?

Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Most people have a dryer in their home just for the purpose of drying their clothes, but what you do not know is that it can do so much more then just dry your clothes. Below is just a few of the many great things that a dryer can do for you that you never knew it could do.

Tips to Store Winter Clothes Properly

Winter is the best and worst time of year. Best because the holidays are in the air and the cold winter breeze gives you all the reasons for a nice cup of hot chocolate, but worst time of year because of the hassle of what to do with your winter clothes once the season is over. Not properly storing your clothes will result in damage especially for delicate pieces and with that comes an extra cost, which you shouldn’t have to spend!

How to Clean Your Iron

To ensure that your clothes stay looking their best, one thing that you must do on a regular basis is to iron your clothes. You also want to make sure that your iron stays clean. With a little time and effort, you can make sure that your iron stays clean and working to its best ability.

Tips for Organizing Your Garage

For many homeowners the garage is the last place that they seek to organize right after their basement. As a result, many garages become the place where a lot of their junk is stored and often becomes in capable of holding normal things that a garage holds, including a car.