What To Do About Laundry While Traveling

Laundry can be cleaned in different ways when traveling. Laundry techniques are crucial when it comes to keeping clothes clean when you’re away from home. Four different laundry techniques can be put into practice to keep laundry clean. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Aloksak Bag Method
A sizable heavy-duty zip lock bag known as Aloksak is put to use. The bag is waterproof and durable. Packing is easy due to its lightweight nature. Insert dirty clothes in the bag, and the washing process follows. Dump a pinch of detergent into the bag, fill it with hot water, mix and leave it for five minutes. Zip up the bag for 10 minutes, and refill it with clean water to rinse the clothes.

The Sink Wash Approach
The process is simple. Plug the sink drain, add soap, fill the sink with hot water and hand wash the clothes. Many travelers use this method.

The Coin-Operated Procedure
Laundromats that are coin operated are all over the world. They are found in large cities and towns. Guesthouses and hostels also have washing machines. The method is easy and does not need explanation.

Art of the Laundry Lady
Laundry ladies can wash many clothes in a short time. The waiting time is usually 24 hours. The process is simple, look for a home where they offer washing services, the lady will wash your clothes. You can come back in 24 hours or less, make payments and get clean clothes. In some countries, neighbors can have a small laundry operation that is run by the family in their home.