Ways to Clean Leather Jackets

Wearing a leather jacket has long been the undisputed statement of cool. Just by adding this gem to your wardrobe, you will up the ante in any outfit. Being that these duds cost so much to buy the last thing you want to do is ruin it in the process of cleaning it. So, give the washer machine a break and follow these tips to keep your leather jacket looking imperturbable.

Simple Cleaning Tips
The best way to clean leather is by making a simple solution of dishwashing liquid and water. One part of each will do the trick. Take a soft cloth that has been rung out well and use it to gently clean up the spills on the coat. Using vinegar is a good trick too. Equal parts will ensure that the solution is not too strong. Wipe the jacket with the vinegar solutions and follow that up with a clean wet cloth to rinse off the cleaning solution. Last, wipe the jacket with a dry towel.

Steer Clear of These
Ammonia is a huge no. Add bleach to that mix. Steer clear of these to products when cleansing your jacket. These harsh chemicals will ruin the leather more than it will clean it. Another pro tip uses smaller amounts of water to keep it from staining the jacket whilst cleaning it. And remember, no sharp object near your leather coat, since leather scratches easily.

Leather Stains
The leather is porous, so it’ll get stains as a result of spills. When you get a stain or a spill be sure to clean it up right away. Don’t sit around and let it soak and fester. A soft cloth is the best way to attack these stains.
Now if you get stains on your jacket, don’t fret there are ways to get them out.

Cornstarch or Baking Soda
Grease and oil can be removed with powdery substances. The likes of cornstarch and baking soda are the best choice. Apply to the damaged spot and let it sit for a few hours or preferably overnight. Powders absorb oil, hence absorbing your stain away. Finally, rinse with a clean damp cloth and then drying the area with a towel.

Nail Polish Remover
Use nail polish remover to get ink and scuff marks off your leather jacket. This will keep your jacket looking up to par. Rubbing hard will make the ink spread so be gentle. Lastly, wipe the treated area with a damp towel and then dry the area.

Your fingers are the only tools you need!Spread the toothpaste (non-gel) on the stained area. Rubbing softly with a cloth will help the stain to come up. Rubbing softly is key as harsh movements will change the color of the jacket. Be sure to wipe off the toothpaste with a clean cloth.

Rubbing Alcohol
Mold can be zapped off your leather jacket with the use of rubbing alcohol. Now you will mix equal parts water and alcohol to create a cleaning solution. Apply the cleanser to a towel and wipe the moldy area on the jacket. This works for mildew as well.