Vintage Clothing Care

History. That is the word that should come to mind when buying vintage clothing. Clothing preserved over time so that people in the future can see the designs and styles of clothing from the past. Vintage clothing isn’t necessarily perfect, but yet it holds so much value and can become very expensive over time. History is what makes vintage clothing so valuable. Even clothes that were not worn have been stored away for at least the past 15 to 20 years.

Having the knowledge to care for your vintage wardrobe is important. That way you will ensure that each and every piece will last so that you can get the most out of your clothing and expand it’s life while you have the enjoyment it brings. When we talk about clothing the subject of fabrics is one of the main keys. Vintage clothing isn’t any different, and often has different fabrics. You have all types of dyes and delicate trims, but they often lack the protection of such finishes that is in and on modern clothing today. Machine washing vintage clothing may permanently destroy the clothes fabric, colors etc. and may can never be repaired. Dry cleaning however may be the best thing to use when using certain materials, but many materials are actually best cleaned with a gentle hand washing. If you don’t mind getting your hands wet of course.

Some may not want to get their hands wet, so some fabrics you may wish to machine wash. This may include Cotton, another can be Linen, but please note that if you choose to machine wash this it will need to be steamed or pressed so it’s best to let the professionals do it for you. You can also machine wash Polyester and Nylon. Sometimes you can even machine wash Silk but only in it’s pure form. Please note that there may be knits in it after washing. Raw Silk is best cleaned by the professionals as well.

If you choose to dry clean any fabrics make sure that they are Wool, Fur, Leather, Vinyl, Velvet or Iron-on Patches. Please note that if you were to machine wash Wool, it may severely shrink. Some vintage clothing may come with cleaning instructions so that you can already be ahead of the game. Please take care to read the instructions very carefully and follow as directed with lots of care. If you are not sure, do not wash the clothing in a washing machine. Make sure to always zip up all zippers and fasten all buttons before you wash so that the clothing won’t get caught or snagged on each other and possibly damaging them.