Tips to Store Winter Clothes Properly

Winter is the best and worst time of year. Best because the holidays are in the air and the cold winter breeze gives you all the reasons for a nice cup of hot chocolate, but worst time of year because of the hassle of what to do with your winter clothes once the season is over. Not properly storing your clothes will result in damage especially for delicate pieces and with that comes an extra cost, which you shouldn’t have to spend!

Here are some tips on properly storing your winter clothes to help you save your money and keep them from getting damaged:

Tip #1: Wash your clothes prior to storing them
It is so important that you wash your clothes before you put them away. Storing them while they are dirty can result in insects having fun with them and permanent stains, oh no! Keep them nice and fresh for next time.

Tip #2: know the difference between the types of storage containers
There are so many storage containers out there ranging from plastic to cardboard to vacuum bags. If you’re looking for short term storage, use plastic containers and when using plastic make sure they are opaque to keep clothes out of the sunlight to prevent discoloration. We recommend avoiding cardboard storage due to insects, but if you must make sure you keep an eye out. For long term storage, cotton storage boxes are a great choice because they help your clothes stay breathable.

Tip #3: Space is key
Do not over crowd your storage boxes your clothes should be packed in a loose formation so they can have a good air flow. Packing them too tightly or over stuffing prevents air flow which in turn damages your clothes and could sturr up unwanted odor.

Tip #4: Tissue paper is your best friend for delicate clothes
The more delicate the clothes are the more care is required. Use acid free tissue paper to wrap them up and put them in suitable storage containers to keep them safe for next time.

Tip #5: Fold like your life depends on it
Avoid hanging clothes for long periods, we know this is most people’s preference, but trust when it comes to storage it’s so much better to fold. This helps avoid overstretching and losing shape.

Tip #6: Lavender sachets in your storage containers will make all the difference
A little lavender never hurt anyone…except bugs, which is a plus! Most people use moth balls to keep insects away but the chemicals used in them are not only harmful for children but also leave odors behind. Lavender sachets give clothes a nice scent and make them look and feel as good as new and keep the bugs away.

With all these tips you won’t have another excuse to go buy winter clothes again because they will be perfectly stored waiting for another cold day to be worn.