Tips for Organizing Your Garage

For many homeowners the garage is the last place that they seek to organize right after their basement. As a result, many garages become the place where a lot of their junk is stored and often becomes in capable of holding normal things that a garage holds, including a car. If you want to more functional garage, you will need to work to organize it in some fashion so that you can use your garage for its intended purpose Or an alternative purpose. Here are some tips for organizing your garage.

Drive Out the Clutter with a Shed

The first step that you should use to Declutter your garage is to assess where things are in there and what a change of places you can have for those items. Many homeowners keep items like their garden and landscaping tools that can fit into an small outdoor shed and can clear up space in your garage. Others keep junk items that can best be disposed of. Review the items that are in your garage and help to find a solution for the clutter in your garage by shifting them to other spaces that are more appropriate for them.

Use Bike and Storage Racks in Your Garage

Bikes will clutter up any garage, particularly if you have a large family with a bike for each person. Specialty bike racks which can elevate the bicycles over the ground level will help to reduce clutter in the garage and improve on the organization of your garage. Storage racks can also be used to organize your things and allow you to remove the clutter that is present in your garage. There is no one size fits all solution for every garage. Pay attention to the items that you have which could be organized and build out or buy shelves that can hold them neatly whether it be tools, canister of oil, or some other type of junk. Label closed draws so you avoid making a mess searching for items endlessly.

Don’t Make it a Once a Year Project

It is ineffective if you only clean out a garage once a year and hope that it stays organized. Pay attention to your garage and put things away when you use them or after every project. Spend a few hours reorganizing things once a month and realize the benefits of a cleaner and more operational garage space. Little steps with organization can make a big difference.