Tips and Tricks for Keeping Table Napkins Clean

Fabric table napkins provide an Eco-friendly way for anyone at the table to wipe their hands and faces after mealtime. With that said, after each mealtime fabric table napkins need to be cleaned immediately and properly for them to stay in excellent condition to last through countless mealtimes with love ones. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your fabric table napkins looking great and always pleasing to use by your dinner guests.

1.Wash Immediately After Each Mealtime

Yes, it might be a pain to do but washing your napkins right after mealtime is essential for keeping them in top shape. Some of the best cleaning detergents to use on your table napkins are ones that fight grease, oil, and deep pigment stains. To wash the fabric napkins first make sure they are machine washable. If the napkins are, toss them into the washer machine with ½ cup of detergent or as directed on your detergent bottle. After turn washer machine setting onto the warm water, yet gentle cycle and allow your washer machine to do the rest of the cleaning work for you.

2. Reach for the Bleach for White Ones

If your fabric table napkins are white cotton fabric because you prefer the elegant look washing them with a cup of bleach on the warm water cycle in your washer machine is best for maintaining the look and feel of them.

3. Use That Stain Stick

For heavy stains on napkins such as wine spills, tomato sauces, greasy pestos or oil spills rubbing a stain stick that contains stain-fighting ingredients can help remove stains out of napkins completely. With that said, if you are worried about stains not coming out with ease and you do use table napkins for every meal it would be wise to consider using dark-colored ones that don’t pick up stains as easy.

End Thoughts to Keep in Mind

Once the napkins are cleaned you can dry them in the dyer if they are dryer safe or hang dry them if made from shrinkable materials such as cotton to help maintain their correct size. After ironing the napkins is best to keep them looking and feeling luxurious, but make sure your napkins are iron safe before during so. Next, store the napkins away or place them back onto the table until the next mealtime.