Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Most people have a dryer in their home just for the purpose of drying their clothes, but what you do not know is that it can do so much more then just dry your clothes. Below is just a few of the many great things that a dryer can do for you that you never knew it could do.

1. Replace Your Iron
Most modern dryers come with a special feature called permanent-press, which people often overlook. This feature will remove all the wrinkles in your clothes, which makes your iron completely useless.

2. Sound an Alarm if Something’s Wrong
Most of the newer models of dryers now come with an alarm built into it in order to alert you if there is any kind of problem with the dryer vent. An example of something that will set of the alarm is if the vent gets clogged.

3. Refresh Your Down Comforter
Now one likes a flat comforter especially when they have the option to have a fluffy one. Any easy way to bring back that fluff is to run your down comforter through the dryer with a couple tennis balls.

4. Be Super Energy Efficient
By having a newer model of a dryer, you can be much more energy efficient. The newer models have perfected drying while taking up much less energy to run and dry what ever is in it.

5. Dry Your Sneakers Silently
People often avoid dryer their sneakers in their dryer because of the noise they make as the bounce around inside. Newer models have a special in dryer shelving attachment that can be added in order to keep them from bouncing around.

6. Kill Germs
Most newer dryers come with a special cycle built in just to sanitize your clothing.

7. Dry Your Delicates
Many dyers come with a special feature known as delicates that dry your clothing in a much gentler manner. Check out our blog on washing your dedicates before drying.

8. Refresh an Outfit As previously states, a dryer can get out wrinkles form clothing, but they can also just give clothing a fresher look.

9. Kill Bugs
No one wants to be walking around with bugs that can live on clothing, such as bed bugs. Dryers run at such a high temperature that it kills them off with no problems.