Take Care of Your Sneakers and They Will Last A Long Time!

1.Cleaning the laces, inserts, and insoles
Pull out the laces, inserts, and insoles. Warm water and soap will make laces look clean. Air out inserts and insoles and pour some baking soda to eliminate the smell.

2.Removing grime and dirt
Rinse the sneakers with cold water to remove grime and dirt. A soft bristle brush will loosen dried mud, sand, and dust.

3.Scrubbing the entire sneaker
Use an old stiff bristle toothbrush to wash the outside and inside of the sneaker. A mild detergent and lukewarm water will remove stains and markings.

4.Select a proper detergent
Do not use strong chemicals, solvents, bleach, or dishwasher detergents for cleaning. These solutions and damage leather and fade synthetic sneakers.

5.Removing scuff marks
Toothpaste or a magic eraser will eliminate scuff marks.

6.Rinse sneakers with cold water
Using only cold or warm water will remove all dirt and grime. Avoid rinsing with hot water, as it may remove all particles.

7. Disinfecting sneakers
Pine Oil is an excellent disinfectant for sneakers. It will eliminate bacteria and give off a pleasant aroma. Baking soda is an excellent alternative for disinfecting.

8. Drying the sneakers
Don’t toss the sneakers into the dryer to dry. Sneakers in a dryer can cause a fire and/or damage them. Dry the sneakers in a well-ventilated area like a back porch. Outdoor drying will make sneakers dry quickly. Avoid drying sneakers in direct sunlight.

9.Stuff sneakers with paper towels
Stuff sneakers with plain white paper towels so the sneaker can keep its shape.

10.Putting the laces back in
Once the sneakers dried, replace the laces, insert the insoles, and reset the inserts. Once everything is in place, you’re ready to hit the courts, run the trails, or whatever recreational activity you enjoy.

Following the tips mentioned above, your sneakers will last a long time. While others are spending a lot of money on new sneakers every few years, you’ll enjoy the comfort and style of your sneakers. Wearing clean and odor-free sneakers boost confidence and wins the admiration of others.