A1 Laundromat offers fast and safe laundry pick and drop amidst the pandemic

The pandemic of coronavirus has affected everyone in one way or another, the schedules of many people have changed, and they are unable to deal with their laundry by themselves. On the other hand, cleanliness is becoming a rising subject to deal with the virus outbreak. Keeping both of these points in mind, A1 Laundromat helps people with laundry, while taking care of safety concerns. The laundry pickup Sacramento service lets the customers place their laundry orders at Laundromat Sacramento. Available at Laundromat South Sacramento, all the safety procedures are followed, including disinfected environment, contactless payment, availability of gloves and sanitizers for guests when visiting physically.

The laundry pickup service by A1 Laundromat is efficient, fast, secure and reliable. Just a few simple steps and the vehicle will arrive at the destination to pick the clothes up. Once cleaned, dried and neatly pressed, the clothes will then be dropped back at the same location. This process is easy and hassle-free to get all the laundry done. The use of CDC-recommended bleach to wash the clothes removes all the bacteria and viruses, thus ensuring clean clothes.

Aside from laundry pickup, A1 Laundromat also offers physical laundry, where customers can walk in and get their laundry done at affordable rates. A1 Laundromat takes pride in maintaining a state-of-the-art laundromat, where customers can take care of their laundry. The stainless steel machines are designed to eliminate the growth of bacteria and viruses. This eco-friendly and safe environment with a friendly attitude of the staff is the reason why people choose A1 Laundromat each time for their laundry needs.

Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed at A1 Laundromat. The services provided by A1 Laundromat exceed the customer satisfaction each time, at each wash. One of the customers who visited A1 Laundromat expressed their review as “My family and I live in the neighborhood, we came to A-1 laundry a few times before and it’s clean, machines work great and the customer service is phenomenal. My husband and I came in today to do laundry and we had no idea that it was a free wash and dry day!! So awesome and their entire family was there to greet all customers with smiles and conversation.” With years of operation, A1 Laundromat has become the choice of customers.