A1 Laundromat is committed to the highest quality of laundry care

A1 Laundromat is committed to the highest quality of laundry care while observing safety precautions as advised by CDC. They offer traditional washers and dryers, wash & fold service for your convenience whether you need it in a hurry or not!
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The owners of the A1 Laundromat Sacramento are a family who care deeply about their customers’ needs. They work hard to provide an affordable, state-of laundry and dry cleaning service while keeping it clean safe friendly environment all around town!

You’ll find the following amenities at A1 Laundromat: 
-Super clean machines with an exceptional washing experience. We offer features like automatic sensors and coin payment for detergent, as well! You can also choose from a variety of cycle options that are sure to meet your needs. Come by today or book online via our website.

Satisfied clients from all over Sacramento are raving about A1. “It has been the best place in doing my laundry. Actually I prefer going to A-1 Laundry because I can take care of cleaning my clothes all at once and has new and different sizes washer and dryers. Place has always been clean and great owner and staff.”

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A1 Laundromat is proud to be serving the Sacramento community during this pandemic. They are open seven days a week from 7:00am-10pm, and can be reached by phone at 209-499-9079 or email at [email protected]