A-1 Laundromat Press Release

Taking clothes to the laundromat has never been a simple chore, and with the rise of COVID-19, doing a load of laundry has become even more complicated. But for the people at A-1 Laundromat, that has never been the case. This family-owned business has been making cleaning clothes a pleasurable experience since their inception.

When A-1 Sacramento Laundromat first came onto the scene in Sacramento, they had a mission to create an environment where people would look forward to doing their laundry. That aim stayed consistent, even when the pandemic started changing the way things were done for businesses across the globe.

The recipe to their success has always started with a clean environment. Facilities aren’t just sterilized at open and close. Surfaces are kept spotless throughout the day. The updated appliances are made from stainless steel to repel any bacteria or germs.

The pandemic caused A-1 Laundromat to take their already clean accommodations to the next level. With customers safety in mind, they are consistently disinfecting any areas that might be touched throughout the day. Hand sanitizer and gloves are available for all patrons to use. Even contactless payments are offered to make transactions hands-free.

This effort to create a better laundromat extends beyond cleanliness A-1 Laundromat has prioritized stocking quality products made from only the safest ingredients. Nothing they offer is something they would not use for their own family.

For some people, the hardest part about laundry is finding a laundromat near me and the waiting. That time between loads could be spent doing something else. A-1 Laundromat gets that. They have a system for when you want to drop off your clothes and let the professionals take care of it for you. They will wash, dry, and fold everything for you on the same day. If you have special requests, they can accommodate them.

The pick-up service takes things a step further. This is perfect for people who do not have the time to drive to the laundromat or simply want to limit their time in public places. You can call to start your laundry pick-up request or schedule something online. A driver will come to you to retrieve the laundry and drop it back off later.

In addition to being a full-service laundry company, A-1 Laundromat also offers dry cleaning Sacramento services. You can take your high quality items here to be cleaned and know they are in safe hands. For Sacramento businesses looking for affordable offerings, all of these services are available for commercial laundry at exceptional rates.

Some people opt to do their laundry in-person. A-1 Laundromat has amenities that may have you saying that you enjoy doing your laundry. With plasma TVs, WiFi, and high-efficiency machines that can handle 1-9 loads, you may forget you are doing your laundry at all. With some of the most competitive pricing in Sacramento, it’s also easy on the wallet.

You may have caught yourself wondering if there is a Sacramento laundromat near me that can actually make good on its promises. For Sacramento residents, A-1 Laundromat is that place. Whether you need a full-service experience that will take special care of your clothing or you just want a nice environment to bring your laundry to, A-1 Laundromat is the perfect place to go.