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A1 Laundromat is committed to the highest quality of laundry care

A1 Laundromat is committed to the highest quality of laundry care while observing safety precautions as advised by CDC. They offer traditional washers and dryers, wash & fold service for your convenience whether you need it in a hurry or not!
A professional voice should be used throughout this text with emphasis on “traditional” at beginning followed by other details about what they provide like commercial laundries/deliveries if applicable.

The owners of the A1 Laundromat Sacramento are a family who care deeply about their customers’ needs. They work hard to provide an affordable, state-of laundry and dry cleaning service while keeping it clean safe friendly environment all around town!

You’ll find the following amenities at A1 Laundromat: 
-Super clean machines with an exceptional washing experience. We offer features like automatic sensors and coin payment for detergent, as well! You can also choose from a variety of cycle options that are sure to meet your needs. Come by today or book online via our website.

Satisfied clients from all over Sacramento are raving about A1. “It has been the best place in doing my laundry. Actually I prefer going to A-1 Laundry because I can take care of cleaning my clothes all at once and has new and different sizes washer and dryers. Place has always been clean and great owner and staff.”

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A1 Laundromat is proud to be serving the Sacramento community during this pandemic. They are open seven days a week from 7:00am-10pm, and can be reached by phone at 209-499-9079 or email at [email protected] 

Sacramento Laundromat Offers Safe Services During Pandemic

A1 Laundromat continues to offer the highest quality in laundry care to their customers while observing safety precautions as advised by the CDC. Their services include traditional washers and dryers as well as wash and fold service, commercial laundry and delivery.

Sacramento, CA— A1 Laundromat understands that laundry is a public necessary, which is why they have worked so hard to maintain their available services despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The laundromat stays up to date on current pandemic guidelines as outlined by the CDC and promises a safe, clean environment. From naturally antibacterial stainless-steel washers to frequent disinfecting of surfaces, A1 has got you covered.

A1 offers a convenient wash and fold service for their busiest customers. Not everyone has the time to wait around for their clothes to finish washing and drying, which is why A1 allows customers to schedule a time to drop off a load of laundry, which is then washed, dried and folded. Customers then have the option to schedule a pickup, or to have their fresh clothes delivered to their house. Laundry takes time to do right, so let A1 take care of it for you.

Are you part of a company that needs their uniforms looking good for clients? A1 can help with their commercial laundry service. Drivers are available to pick up uniforms from schools, hotels, nursing homes and more, and their flexible scheduling means you can get back your clothes at a time that works best for you and your team. A1 offers competitive pricing, along with dry cleaning and wash and fold services.

A1 Laundromat is proud to be serving the Sacramento community during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re searching for a laundromat near me, they can be found at 8275 Florin Rd Ste 160 Sacramento, CA 95828. They are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and can be reached by phone at 209-499-9079 or by email at [email protected] Visit to learn more about them today.



Tons of Amenities at A-1 Laundromat to Make Doing the Laundry Enjoyable

Tons of Amenities at A-1 Laundromat to Make Doing the Laundry Enjoyable

A great laundromat is not just about how your clothes look. Of course, that’s the most important thing. But you also spend a lot of time in the laundromat near me, and a great atmosphere is essential. That means more quiet time, things to keep you busy, and amenities for cleaner clothes. A-1 Laundromat Sacramento is one of the best laundry facilities in the area for a great experience, from the cleanliness of your clothes to the feeling you have when you walk out.

A pleasant atmosphere

How do you create a great atmosphere? It starts by having knowledgeable staff on hand who can help you if you need assistance. For a laundromat that’s used by lots of people, it has to stay clean and be safe. That way you can use the machines without concern and even grab some lunch while your clothes go through their cycle. And finally, you have to have those amenities that make your time there more enjoyable.

A-1 Laundromat offers all of those things. Their spacious facility is always kept sparkling clean for all of their guests. You don’t need to be concerned about leaving with dirtier clothes than you came in with. With amenities like free WIFI, big-screen HDTVs, and climate-controlled air conditioning, you can actually enjoy doing your chores. When you need to spend time during the cycle doing some work, bring your laptop and enjoy the quiet space.

Making laundry easier

As enjoyable as A-1 Laundromat’s facilities are, sometimes you just don’t have time to spend waiting for your clothes. If that’s the case, let the experts take care of it. At A-1 Laundromat, you can leave your clothes with a trained staff member who will give your clothing the level of attention you deserve. They wash, dry, and fold every article so it’s one more thing off your plate.

If you don’t have time to even make a pitstop, A-1 Laundromat has you covered. They will come directly to your home, pick up your clothes, clean and fold every item, and bring it back to you in perfect condition. And with their affordable pricing, you can rest assured that you won’t be paying an arm and a leg for their quality services.

Laundry can be a hassle sometimes, but at A-1 Laundromat it doesn’t have to be. That’s one big reason that this establishment is the best laundry facility in Sacramento. Come try it out yourself and see how the amenities and quality services make all the difference.

A-1 Laundromat Keeps Commercial Uniforms Fresh at an Affordable Price

A-1 Laundromat Keeps Commercial Uniforms Fresh at an Affordable Price

The uniforms of your company are important. They don’t just look nice. They are the first impression people are going to get of your company. A crisp uniform tells the story of how you do business and makes your staff feel good about themselves when they work.

Some laundromats near me can be prohibitively expensive. Sending your uniforms costs more than you can afford. And other laundromat Sacramento at a cheap price point don’t put the care you need into the clothes. Somehow, they look dirtier. A-1 Laundromat is changing the game by giving you affordable commercial services with premium care.

Great looks at great prices

If you need your staff to look their best, A-1 Laundromat is one of the best choices in Sacramento. They have attentive, professional staff who will make sure every article of clothing is accounted for and cleaned properly. You can arrange to have them cleaned on your schedule with their flexible system.

Your clothes get washed, dried, fluffed, and folded before there delivered right back to you. Best of all is the affordable price. Commercial services get special discounts to make it something any business can afford. And because everyone has different needs, you can let them know if you need something special for your uniforms.

Professional quality care

A-1 Laundromat doesn’t only care for commercial laundry. They have a stellar lineup of high-efficiency washers and dryers that can handle anywhere from 1 to 9 loads. If you have delicates that need extra care or bulky linens, their machines can handle cleaning them expertly.

If you don’t feel like cleaning your clothes yourself, you can use the service of A-1 Laundromats’ professional staff dry cleaning Sacramento service. They have the expertise to breathe life into your dirty garments and keep them looking fresh. They’ll even fold them for you, so you can save that time doing something you enjoy.

A-1 Laundromat takes convenience one step further. For those days when you don’t even have time to leave the house, you can schedule a pickup for your laundry. A-1 Laundromat will send a delivery truck to pick up your clothes and handle them with the utmost care. Schedule a time for them to bring your folded clothes back to you at your convenience.

No matter what your needs are, A-1 Laundromat can provide friendly, efficient, and affordable services. That’s just one reason why they are the most trusted laundromat in Sacramento.

A-1 Laundromat Pickup Services San Diego Make Doing the Laundry Magically Simple

A-1 Laundromat pick-up services make doing the laundry magically simple

Sacramento, CA, U.S.A. – The worst part of doing the laundry is doing the laundry. Sorting, fluffing and folding all take time. Add on the extra minutes it takes to drive yourself to the laundromat near me and you might feel like all of your free time was taken over with this weekly cleaning ritual.

laundry pick up in Sacramento

Leave your laundry with A-1 Laundromat

A-1 Laundromat has brought more pleasure into this essential task, and one of the ways it does that is with its laundry pick-up services Sacramento. Imagine: with your basket of dirty clothes before you, you make a call to A-1 Laundromat.

While you tackle other chores or take a well-deserved personal day, A-1 Laundromat drives to you, picks up your clothes, and takes the utmost care in cleaning them to your specifications. Later on, A-1 Laundromat drops your folded clothes back to you. It’s an extravagant treat but with an affordable, non-extravagant price.

Laundromat Sacramento

Laundry made easy

Pick-up services aren’t the only areas where A-1 Laundromat Sacramento is simplifying the laundry process. They have new, roomy appliances that can handle up to nine loads of laundry at once. The high-efficiency washers and dryers are more environmentally friendly than your standard fare, and it means that the wash gets done quicker. For those that like to handle their clothing personally, you no longer have to spend half of your day sitting in the laundromat.

Not that anyone would mind, though. With amenities like free wifi, HD TVs playing your favorite entertainment, and refreshments, you can actually enjoy your time in A-1 Laundromat. And 24/7 surveillance cameras give added peace of mind to keep the facilities safe and secure.

If you don’t want to enlist the help of the laundry mobile, you can also drop off and pick up any laundry yourself. A-1 Laundromat takes care of all the cleaning and folding in between. All you need to think about is how you’re going to spend your free time while you wait.

A-1 Laundromat is a family-owned business and that ethos extends to how the business is run. What kind of facility would they want to use when performing a simple task like doing the laundry for the family? The answer is simple: a safe, sterile environment that lets them perform the task quickly and spend more time with their family. That’s exactly what you can expect at Sacramento’s best laundry facility, A-1 Laundromat.

Taking care of your treasured items is easy at A-1 Laundromat Near Me

Taking Care of Your Treasured Items is Easy at A-1 Laundromat Near Me

Laundry pick-up service Sacramento: Your most prized possessions deserve more than just a standard laundromat. Let’s find a way to take the chore out of laundry pick up in Sacramento

Laundry Pick-up Service Sacramento

Going to the laundromat near me can be nerve-wracking for some people. Perhaps they’ve had a bad experience in the past: a well-loved blanket that was destroyed by antique machines or a teddy bear that came out with one ear. Think about the items you’re bringing in to be cleaned. Often, these articles of clothing are not just clothes you wear. They are sweaters and dresses that hold precious memories.

It’s understandable, then, why someone might be wary of leaving the fate of their clothing to an untrustworthy laundromat. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you should be able to exit a laundromat with a basket full of clothing in a better condition than when you came in. Crazy idea, right? Not so fast. A-1 Laundromat Sacramento is bringing some compassion into the laundry industry. They want to put just as much care into their customer’s clothing as they would for their own clothes.

Laundromat Sacramento

So, how do they do it? First, cleanliness is key. Making sure all of the equipment is spotless and sanitary has always been a top priority. As the world reels from the coronavirus pandemic, that mindfulness has been kicked into overdrive. All units and surfaces are disinfected continuously throughout the day to protect everyone who enters A-1 Laundromat.

What truly sets a laundromat apart, though, are their appliances. A-1 Laundromat uses state-of-the-art washers and dryers with sizes that can handle anything from one to nine loads. That means it can provide a more thorough cleaning than laundromats that cut costs on their appliances. It also means you have more control over how your items are washed, so delicate items are given the special treatment they deserve.

Laundromat near me

That care extends to their pick-up and drop-off services. For customers who aren’t keen on doing laundry at all, or simply don’t have the time, A-1 Laundromat has laundry experts who make sure your laundry comes out to your exact specifications. They use only high-end detergents and softeners to coax the perfect results out of your textiles. You can pick them up when they’re finished, or have A-1 Laundromat deliver them back to you.

A-1 Laundromat is a family-owned business and understands that there are certain items that are simply irreplaceable. That’s why they designed facilities and services that would give extra care and respect to the loved items from other families. This clean and friendly laundromat is one of the best in the Sacramento area. They will be a place you’ll come back to again and again.

A1 Laundromat Offers Fast & Safe Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service to Sacramento

Sacramento, CA, USA – Not everyone can do laundry at home. Time constraint is one factor due to which people avoid laundry at homes. For such people with busy schedules, A1 Laundromat brings an efficient laundry pickup service. The company has a diverse system of laundry pickup and drop-off. The customers can get their clothes cleaned without any hassle. Moreover, A1 Laundromat also has clean, spacious and well-built laundromats. Customers can find the Laundromat near me in the Sacramento region.

The customers can request for clothes cleaning delivery service. This pickup can easily be scheduled on the website or by a phone call. With a crew of professionals, the team from A1 Laundromat arrives at the customer’s location and picks up the dirty clothes. The clothes are then brought back to wash, dry and fold before packaging them off and making them ready to be delivered. These clean and packaged clothes are finally sent back to the customer at the assigned time. It is a simple yet robust method that provides an ease to the customers. 

A perfect pace for even commercial needs such as nursing homes, schools, hotels, clubs and more, A1 Laundromat meets the requirements for all. The ultra-competitive prices and special discounts make A1 Laundromat stand out from the rest of the businesses. The flexible delivery schedule ensures the laundry services at personal convenience. Making sure that the customers experience the best results, A1 Laundromat has the latest equipment along with a talented workforce.

The laundromat service by A1 Laundromat is among the best laundromats in the area. Installed with clean, latest and state-of-the-art equipment, A1 Laundromat offers quick cleaning services at affordable prices. A customer that arrived at A1 Laundromat said “I have come to this place twice. It’s always very clean, the staff are very polite, the bathrooms are spotless, and it’s nice and quiet. Perfect place to feel good about washing your clothes. Good prices too, only 75 cents for a great wash. Will be coming back!”

Despite the current pandemic, A1 Laundromat keeps the doors open for customers. By applying strict policies and adhering to precautionary measures, A1 Laundromat is a safe and clean place for all the laundry needs. The safety protocols include compulsory masks for staff and customers, observing social distancing, and even hand sanitizers are provided. Moreover, the interior is constantly disinfected, including entrance and exit areas, door handles, machines and other frequently touched areas. All these measures are applied to keep the customers safe from the pandemic virus.

A1 Laundromat making life easy with safe and innovative laundry service

Sacramento, CA, USA – With the pandemic now running its course over a year strong, the world has grinded slowly to a halt, with a large majority of people finding shelter in the safety in their homes. This in turn has led to a culture of self-care and DIY unlike any other recorded event in recent history. Though this may be the case, many people are still clueless and do not have the sufficient knowledge to manage what may be overlooked as meager tasks, such as doing the dishes, basic plumbing, and, more commonly, doing their laundry. A1 Sacramento Laundromat is a company, however, that exists just for that purpose, which aims to instill a sense of ease in those who have been struggling with their chores, that being laundry specifically, and doing a magnificent job while doing it. The Sacramento service prides itself in its health and safety precautions what with the COVID-19 virus still being as prevalent as ever, with strict guidelines to observe for every drop-off laundry service.

Much of the hassle of laundry can be solved with A1 Laundromat’s approach to picking up your laundry at your place of residence, but the Sacramento-based establishment also permits having physical laundry done at the site, following COVID-19 safety protocols such as social distancing and strict policies involving wearing masks. With the installment of their high technology laundry machines and their stainless-steel form factor, the machines in the site are designed to prevent bacteria buildup and prevents viruses from proliferating within the establishment. Priding themselves in the energy efficient and eco-friendly machines that are also not exceedingly harsh in their energy consumption, A1 Laundromat has its eyes set on keeping the physical experience as light, safe, and hassle free as its home service counterpart.

If either of the methods aren’t up to clientele’s standard, A1 Laundromat also offers a drop-off service that can service you within the day. All that needs to be done is dropping off the load at a time convenient to the customer, list a set of instructions as to what needs to be done with the load given (the usage of bleach, fabric softeners, water temperature, etc.) and in no time at all, laundry will be available for pick up the very same day.

If you’re in the Sacramento area, you can find A1 Laundromat by searching laundromat near me for quick directions or to checkout their reviews and all offered services.

A-1 Laundromat Press Release

Taking clothes to the laundromat has never been a simple chore, and with the rise of COVID-19, doing a load of laundry has become even more complicated. But for the people at A-1 Laundromat, that has never been the case. This family-owned business has been making cleaning clothes a pleasurable experience since their inception.

When A-1 Sacramento Laundromat first came onto the scene in Sacramento, they had a mission to create an environment where people would look forward to doing their laundry. That aim stayed consistent, even when the pandemic started changing the way things were done for businesses across the globe.

The recipe to their success has always started with a clean environment. Facilities aren’t just sterilized at open and close. Surfaces are kept spotless throughout the day. The updated appliances are made from stainless steel to repel any bacteria or germs.

The pandemic caused A-1 Laundromat to take their already clean accommodations to the next level. With customers safety in mind, they are consistently disinfecting any areas that might be touched throughout the day. Hand sanitizer and gloves are available for all patrons to use. Even contactless payments are offered to make transactions hands-free.

This effort to create a better laundromat extends beyond cleanliness A-1 Laundromat has prioritized stocking quality products made from only the safest ingredients. Nothing they offer is something they would not use for their own family.

For some people, the hardest part about laundry is finding a laundromat near me and the waiting. That time between loads could be spent doing something else. A-1 Laundromat gets that. They have a system for when you want to drop off your clothes and let the professionals take care of it for you. They will wash, dry, and fold everything for you on the same day. If you have special requests, they can accommodate them.

The pick-up service takes things a step further. This is perfect for people who do not have the time to drive to the laundromat or simply want to limit their time in public places. You can call to start your laundry pick-up request or schedule something online. A driver will come to you to retrieve the laundry and drop it back off later.

In addition to being a full-service laundry company, A-1 Laundromat also offers dry cleaning Sacramento services. You can take your high quality items here to be cleaned and know they are in safe hands. For Sacramento businesses looking for affordable offerings, all of these services are available for commercial laundry at exceptional rates.

Some people opt to do their laundry in-person. A-1 Laundromat has amenities that may have you saying that you enjoy doing your laundry. With plasma TVs, WiFi, and high-efficiency machines that can handle 1-9 loads, you may forget you are doing your laundry at all. With some of the most competitive pricing in Sacramento, it’s also easy on the wallet.

You may have caught yourself wondering if there is a Sacramento laundromat near me that can actually make good on its promises. For Sacramento residents, A-1 Laundromat is that place. Whether you need a full-service experience that will take special care of your clothing or you just want a nice environment to bring your laundry to, A-1 Laundromat is the perfect place to go.



A1 Laundromat offers fast and safe laundry pick and drop amidst the pandemic

The pandemic of coronavirus has affected everyone in one way or another, the schedules of many people have changed, and they are unable to deal with their laundry by themselves. On the other hand, cleanliness is becoming a rising subject to deal with the virus outbreak. Keeping both of these points in mind, A1 Laundromat helps people with laundry, while taking care of safety concerns. The laundry pickup Sacramento service lets the customers place their laundry orders at Laundromat Sacramento. Available at Laundromat South Sacramento, all the safety procedures are followed, including disinfected environment, contactless payment, availability of gloves and sanitizers for guests when visiting physically.

The laundry pickup service by A1 Laundromat is efficient, fast, secure and reliable. Just a few simple steps and the vehicle will arrive at the destination to pick the clothes up. Once cleaned, dried and neatly pressed, the clothes will then be dropped back at the same location. This process is easy and hassle-free to get all the laundry done. The use of CDC-recommended bleach to wash the clothes removes all the bacteria and viruses, thus ensuring clean clothes.

Aside from laundry pickup, A1 Laundromat also offers physical laundry, where customers can walk in and get their laundry done at affordable rates. A1 Laundromat takes pride in maintaining a state-of-the-art laundromat, where customers can take care of their laundry. The stainless steel machines are designed to eliminate the growth of bacteria and viruses. This eco-friendly and safe environment with a friendly attitude of the staff is the reason why people choose A1 Laundromat each time for their laundry needs.

Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed at A1 Laundromat. The services provided by A1 Laundromat exceed the customer satisfaction each time, at each wash. One of the customers who visited A1 Laundromat expressed their review as “My family and I live in the neighborhood, we came to A-1 laundry a few times before and it’s clean, machines work great and the customer service is phenomenal. My husband and I came in today to do laundry and we had no idea that it was a free wash and dry day!! So awesome and their entire family was there to greet all customers with smiles and conversation.” With years of operation, A1 Laundromat has become the choice of customers.

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