How To Wash And Dry Your Bras

Bras are essential yet delicate lingerie that requires proper care, including washing, to ensure their longevity. Despite their concealment, bras collect unhealthy amounts of dirt, germs, and sweat that can be discomforting. Your bra can be a source of irritation and infections if not properly washed.

The following guide will help you avoid the frustration of buying new bras every week due to wear and tear:

a. Sort out your bras: Before washing, sort out your dirty bras in terms of colors, and if necessary, material. Sorting will ensure that bras of different colors are washed separately to eliminate the probability of color staining during washing. Separate the stained bras for pre-soaking cleaning. Remove any pushup inserts to avoid damaging them or causing injuries during washing.

b. Use warm water and alcohol-free mild detergent: After sorting, fill a clean bucket or sink with warm water to appropriate volume and add an alcohol-free mild detergent. Warm water with detergent removes stains easily and efficiently. Ensure that the detergent you are using is dye-free to avoid staining your bras. Swish the detergent with your hands to mix it evenly with water. You can opt for olive oil or essential oil mixed with baby shampoo. Always dilute any of these homemade detergents. Add at least two tablespoons or more of the detergents depending on the number of bras you need to wash.

c. Dab the stains: Bras are delicate but collected a wide range of stains from sweat to atmospheric grimes. Use the warm water with detergent to dab these stains for the perfect washing outcome. Dabbing of stain beforehand will also ensure that the rest of the bra wardrobe does not get stained during washing.

d. Soaking and washing: Soaking is an essential stage when doing any laundry work. It makes the process easier as it loosens the stains. Put all the dabbed and stain-free bras in the bucket or sink with warm water and detergent and soak them for at least 10 minutes. After dirt and oils have been dissolved, gently squeeze and swish the bras.

e. Rinse and dry: Rinse the bras several times until the water is clean. Reshape the caps before drying by having both caps hanging on the racks.


Proper washing and drying of bras will ensure that your bra wardrobe never lacks beautiful and comfortable lingerie to wear. If possible, always hand wash your bras and air them to dry using natural light.