How to Keep Clothes Looking Like New

It can be quite annoying when your clothes fade and wear out, especially when you paid a lot of money for them. You’ll definitely want to look into ways to keep your clothes looking as good as new. With regular cleaning and gentle care, you can definitely keep your clothes lasting for a long time.

Follow These General Care Tips

When you change out of your clothes, make sure that all suits, shoes, and coats air out for about 30 minutes before they are put away. Use a clothes rack or hanger outside of the closet before you actually put them away. Don’t just toss them on a chair as this can make new wrinkles appear.

Keep your closet light off as much as possible, and do not leave any clothes near your window. This is because sunlight can cause your clothes to fade as many dyes are sensitive to prolonged light exposure.

In the summertime, be careful that you do not get sunscreen or lotion on your clothes as they can both cause stains and fading. Always spray perfume, hairspray, or cologne on your body before you get dressed to avoid spraying your clothes.

Do not hang damp or wet clothes in your closet as this attracts mildew.

Do not store clothing in plastic bags. Plastic can trap humidity which then attracts mildew. Instead, choose breathable cotton bags or sheets to store off-season clothes in.

At-Home Laundering Tips

Use Cold Water

Using hot water to wash clothes will not only increase your heating or electric bill, it will also cause your fabrics to wear out quicker. Wash your clothes in cold water for the most part. For very heavily stained clothes, such as kids’ football uniforms or dirty sheets, hot water is recommended to get the stains out. Your clothes will come out just as clean from cold water as they would from hot water, plus they will now last longer.

Wash Inside Out

By turning the garment inside-out you will be protecting the most important part of it. Some embellishments on the front of the garment, such as screen printing, can be snagged in the washer or worn away. Anything with embroidery, beading, or other embellishments should be washed inside-out to protect them.

Air Dry Your Clothes

The heat from your dryer will damage the fabric of your clothes over time. Heat can also cause the color to fade. Instead, take your clothes outside to line dry or dry them on a drying rack indoors. If air drying isn’t a possibility, set your dryer to the lowest possible heat setting.

By following these few tips, you will keep your clothes looking new and fresh for years to come.