How to Clean Suede Shoes

Oh No! My New Suede Shoes! Everyone loves suede, however, it is not very forgiving. You put on your new suede shoes, head out the door, “strutting your stuff”, and BAMMM, they’re dirty. Don’t throw them out now, there are many ways to save them. Here are some tips for different styles and types of suede footwear. Suede can be delicate, so you must take certain steps to clean them up.

First, check to make sure there are not specific directions inside the footwear. Sneakers, or trainers are frequently covered with suede on certain areas, if not all. Take the laces out, and if you have one, insert a shoe tree, or something hard to hold the shape. Use a suede eraser to remove loose dirt, following up with suede brush, cleaner, and water, then allow to dry. When dry, rebrush with dry brush to reset the nap.

If you have boots, remove laces if there are some. Grab a soft bristle brush, and dip in suede cleaner. Make sure to have your hand in the boot to get a firm hold, and keep the shape. Now brush in circular motions, on the entire boot. Allow to dry completely, about 24 hours. Now use mink oil, and a suede brush to make your boots look and feel great again.

Got mud? If so, let the mud dry completely. Use a brush to remove as much dirt as possible. If still dirty, add steam and blot dry, brush again, and then use a suede eraser. For suede shoes, follow the same steps as above. Just stuff with paper before starting to hold shape, and make the cleaning easier.
If you have black suede shoes, fading can occur. Make sure to stick to a cleaning schedule, however when finished, add a touch of black suede dye to cover faded spots. You can also use your finger, and rub black crayon into the area as well.

White suede shoes are for the truly brave souls. However it can be managed. First, apply suede protector. Clean up marks as soon as possible. Blot the excess moisture, then use suede eraser, and or a soft white cloth with white vinegar. When dry, drush to reset nap.
Faux suede shoes need cleaning too. Brush away dirt, apply white vinegar, and water mix to clean, then dry, and again brush. Don’t have suede cleansers? Grab an old toothbrush, and emery boards, and save your suedes.