How to Clean a Neck Tie

Neck ties are like many clothes, and they need to be cleaned once and awhile. Especially for an article of clothing most associated with style and class. While you may not need a to dry clean them, you could hand-wash and hang them, (which saves you a few quarters).

But not all ties are made the same, therefore, they cannot be cleaned the same. So let’s see if you’ll be able to stay home comfortably and not worry about someone else doing the cleaning for you.

First you should mind the cleaning instructions on the tie itself, it’ll inform how you clean the tie. Some will tell you to dry clean them while others will tell you they’re better hand-washed.

Secondly, test the tie to see if the colors bleed. Some ties have color patterns that will bleed when you hand wash them. So one way to test this is to place a drop or two on the back flap of your neck tie to see if the colors run. If they do, it’d be best to dry clean the tie.

Next you”l need to soak your tie in a sink or container filled with cool water and mild detergent 5 to 10 minutes. The time really depends on how dirty your neck tie is. Then gently rub the stains out with a towel.

Fourthly, empty the sink or container filled with the water and detergent. Then rinse the neck tie with warm water. This is to ensure you rid all of the detergent from the tie.

Lastly, you need to hang the tie out to dry for the best quality. The tie is likely to be stiff afterwards so it’s best to throw it in a dryer for a few minutes on low then iron it on a low setting.

Hopefully now you’ll be able to successfully clean your neck tie and wear it out to impress. Remember to test to see if your neck tie colors bleed, as well as making sure that you’re able to hand-wash them. If not, it’s best to go to your nearest dry cleaner and wash it there. Hopefully, this article was informative in helping you wash your tie, and wear it out to the best and most classy events. Enjoy your clean neck tie.