Easy Ways to Remove Gum from Clothing

It’s irritating. It tastes good, and everyone loves a piece of gum. But how many times have you either stepped in a piece of gum on the sidewalk or parking lot, or worse, gotten it on your clothes? It seems that you would have to throw your shirt, pants, or jacket away. Or, you could just live with the fact that there’s a big patch of gum sitting in plain view. Don’t worry. There are easy ways to get that gum out of your clothing so rest easy.


Ice has more uses than cooling down drinks, and one of those is getting gum out of clothes. Take some ice from the freezer and either rub the ice on the gum or just place the ice on the gum to make the gum brittle. It’s near impossible to get gum out of clothing when it’s soft and gooey, so leave the ice on it or rub it in for about 15 minutes. When the gum is nice and brittle you can simply scrape it off your clothing. You can wash it again just to make sure it’s all off.

Peanut butter.

Peanut butter is not just for sandwiches. It can help remove gum from your clothes. You probably didn’t know that peanut butter contains an enzyme in it that makes gum less sticky. Take some peanut butter and rub it onto the gum and let it sit there for about 2 minutes. Use a brush or a rag to remove the gum and then wash it like you normally would.

Compressed air.

If you take a can of compressed air and turn it upside down, you release carbon dioxide instead of air. That carbon dioxide acts like ice and will make the gum harden. Place a piece of paper over the gum and do this for about 15-20 seconds and then scrape the gum off when done. Wash it like normal.

Cooking oil.

Cooking oil can help. Cover the gum in either canola, vegetable, or coconut oil. Remove the gum after a few minutes and cover the stain with cornstarch for about 10-20 minutes to help remove the oil stain. Wash as usual.