Cashmiere Care and Home Remedies

A Delicate Fabric and Quality Care
Cashmere is a soft and sweet fabric worth taking good care of. Quality care will keep this luxurious fabric looking and feeling stunning. This delicate fabric does require quality care if you want it to stay in good condition. Cashmere can easily be cleaned in your own home. Treat your cashmere garments with quality care. Helpful washing tips will be beneficial.

Cashmere Items: Tips for Washing and Drying
You can wash and dry any of your cashmere items in the comfort of your own home. The following steps will be useful for washing sweaters, scarfs or dresses by hand to keep them looking beautiful and fresh. Follow the numbered steps for cashmere washing:

1. start by filling a basin with cold water. Add mild detergent. Woolite, dish soap or baby shampoo will work nicely

2. allow the cashmere to sit and soak in the basin for at least five minutes. Gently rinse item after it has soaked

3. take the item out of the basin and gently fold it into a ball. This will get the excess waster out of it. Do not wring the cashmere because it can stretch the fabric out and

4. Place the clothing items on a flat towel. Roll it up and gently remove excess water

5. Place items on a drying rack or between two towels and allow them to dry.
Some cashmere items can go into a washing machine if you do not have the time to wash them out by hand. You can place them in a mesh bag or a laundry bag. and put the bag in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Be sure to set it on the cold water setting. Dry cleaning is another option if you do not opt to wash items yourself.

When to Wash Cashmere
Most cashmere items will need to be washed after being worn two to three times. Any fabric pills can be removed with a cashmere comb. A bristled garment brush will be useful for removing fabric pills too. It is not uncommon for cashmere to obtain noticeable signs of friction from normal wear.

Stain Removal

No need to panic if your cashmere item becomes stained. Use the following guide for removal:

  • chocolate; use liquid detergent and a cloth. dip cloth and gently rub the stain. Do not scrub too hard
  • red wine, coffee or tea; use cold water and a dish-washing liquid not use machine detergents or soap. A gentle rubbing on the stain ought to remove
  • grease or makeup; pre-treat and blot item with a mild shampoo