5 Tips to Keep Your Shoes Stink-Free

Are you struggling with shoes that seem to always smell? A smell that you can’t get rid of no matter how many washes or it just keeps coming back with every use? Listed below are 5 tips in keeping your shoes stink-free.

5. Keep Boots In Ventilated, Light Place
Keeping your boots and shoes in a ventilated, light place will allow them to dry and have the bacteria diminish itself. Airing out your boots is one of the best ways to get rid of the stink. Bacteria growth increases in dark and damp places so that is why you should keep your shoes in the opposite type of condition, light and ventilated. Placing baking soda and or newspaper inside your shoes when they are airing out can also help with the stink and drying inside the shoes.

4. A Backup Pair Of Boots
A backup pair of boots are needed if your other boots are too smelly to wear. The smelly boots can be washed and or removed of odor while you wear your other clean boots with a clean pair of socks. No want wants to smell stinky shoes so avoid doing so and have a second pair of shoes that you can wear when needed. This will also cause for the bacteria buildup to be limited and will give each boot the ability to dry before using again. Always switch it up and don’t wear the same boots every single day, especially without the proper care.

3. Change Socks Frequently
This is an important tip to follow because wearing grimy, dirty socks inside your shoes will undeniably create more odor. A sock that already has bacteria and sweat buildup in it needs to be washed, not warn twice. This will only cause for more buildup which will have your shoes stinking more than ever. Wear a new pair of clean socks with every shoe use to prevent stink. Avoiding cotton socks may also be in your best interest because cotton socks absorb sweat which will cause an unpleasant odor. Bamboo or woolen socks may be the best choice of socks when dealing with a stink problem in shoes.

2. Maintain Clean Feet
This may seem like an obvious tip but it can sometimes be overlooked. Keeping your feet clean by washing them daily to prevent bacteria buildup in your shoes is crucial. Bacteria likes to live in warm places, so a place like inside your shoe where your feet sweat will have the bacteria thriving. This is why it important to keep your feet as clean as possible and even wash your shoes when needed. You can also leave nice-smelling softener sheets in your shoes after wearing them to help the shoes in smelling pleasant.

1. Choose The Correct Boots
The number one tip would be choosing the correct boots to wear. What does this mean, you may ask? Shoes are made with certain linings and breathing materials that allow for the stink to be limited and combated. Sweat is one of the number one reasons as to why your shoes may have that unwanted odor. Steel caps in boots will help decrease the amount of sweat which will in turn decrease the stink. For ventilation, boots that have a zip are helpful because this zip will allow for your feet to breath. Synthetic leather shoes and or boots seem to cause more sweat because of the type of material. Choose an authentic leather boot and have a synthetic tongue, if necessary, for breathability.