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Easy Ways to Remove Gum from Clothing

It’s irritating. It tastes good, and everyone loves a piece of gum. But how many times have you either stepped in a piece of gum on the sidewalk or parking lot, or worse, gotten it on your clothes? It seems that you would have to throw your shirt, pants, or jacket away. Or, you could just live with the fact that there’s a big patch of gum sitting in plain view. Don’t worry. There are easy ways to get that gum out of your clothing so rest easy.

How To Wash And Dry Your Bras

Bras are essential yet delicate lingerie that requires proper care, including washing, to ensure their longevity. Despite their concealment, bras collect unhealthy amounts of dirt, germs, and sweat that can be discomforting. Your bra can be a source of irritation and infections if not properly washed.

Big Ideas For Tiny Laundry: Cleaning Baby Clothes and Toys

Small Clothes and First Toys

A new baby brings joy and laughter to family life. Many new parents are floored by the messes and stains produced by their small new family member, but there’s nothing to fear. The main idea to remember is that your child’s skin is delicate, and clothes and toys that come into contact with the baby should be soft, clean and free of allergens, germs or dirt.

Remove That Coffee Stain

For most of us that first thing we think of when we have to get up to start our day is that big cup of our morning coffee. It’s like you are not yourself until you get that first sip that will perk up your morning for the day. Coffee has been a great way to start our day and many of us rely on that big cup of joe.