Monthly Archives: February 2020

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Table Napkins Clean

Fabric table napkins provide an Eco-friendly way for anyone at the table to wipe their hands and faces after mealtime. With that said, after each mealtime fabric table napkins need to be cleaned immediately and properly for them to stay in excellent condition to last through countless mealtimes with love ones. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your fabric table napkins looking great and always pleasing to use by your dinner guests.

How to Clean and Care for Blankets

Coverage that provides warmth and comfort from the cold is the sole purpose of a winter blanket. As such it takes a beating through constant use all season long. Being utilized many times over, when the time comes to clean that blanket the task of ridding it of all dirt and debris can be daunting.

How to Keep Your Dark Clothes Darker Longer

It can be incredibly frustrating when you notice that your favorite black t-shirt has started to look faded. With time it’s expected that the colors in your clothes will fade out, however the 10 following tips will help keep your favorite dark clothes darker for longer.