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How to Clean and Care for Fleece

Fleece, that insulated material that is cozy and soft. A must have garment during the cold winter months. Because it’s a fantastic insulator, polar fleece was what it was originally known as. Natural fleece is usually harvested from sheep. However, it’s not ideal to wear when it gets wet.

How to Remove Ketchup and Tomato Stains From Clothes

Getting ketchup and tomato stains on carpet and clothes is a common mistake, but there is a method of cleaning the stains off of your clothing or carpet. If the sauce is fresh, scrape it off the clothing or carpet surface. Make sure you wash the stain with cold water but do not rub the stain.

The Fabulous Benefits of Natural Fabrics

Should You Pay Attention to Your Favorite Clothing Brands’ Fabrics of Choice?

You walk into a store, see apparel from your favorite brand, and decide to try it on. It fits, just like the best hair extensions! That’s all that matters, right? Well, what if someone told you that the most common fabrics used to make clothes are not only detrimental to your skin, but also to the environment?

How To Clean Faux Fur

When you have a Faux Fur coat and winter is approaching you will want to clean it before you wear it. Having a clean coat is a good thing but sometimes it might be difficult to clean the faux fur, however with these tips you will find cleaning your faux fur much easier than if you do not use these tips.