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The Importance of Having a Laundry Schedule

If you have ever had a busy week, then you know what it feels like to have the laundry piling up. You may not have seen the other side of your bed or that comfy portion of the sofa in weeks because the laundry is taking over. As hard as it is to get a schedule or routine started, it can be the solution to getting your furniture, and your life, back.

What’s Up With Broken Buttons?

Why do buttons break during the dry cleaning process? It’s a common complaint from many dry cleaning customers. It may seem to be the dry cleaner’s fault. However, appearances can be deceiving. The most likely answer to the broken button mystery is that it’s not anyone’s fault.

Laundry Tips for People With Sensitive Skin

If you have allergies, or sensitive skin, doing the laundry can become a complicated chore. People with allergies need to be very careful about the detergents and fabric softeners that they use when laundering clothes. It’s possible for the chemicals, dirt and pollen particles trapped in the clothing to create an allergic reaction on the skin.

Get Grease out of Your Workwear

In this post, you will find simple ways to remove oil and grease stains out of your workwear. You may even be surprised with the home remedies provided that are often used to remove stains. The tips provided here are from actual individuals, and it is definitely worth trying out!

Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Most people have a dryer in their home just for the purpose of drying their clothes, but what you do not know is that it can do so much more then just dry your clothes. Below is just a few of the many great things that a dryer can do for you that you never knew it could do.