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Tips to Store Winter Clothes Properly

Winter is the best and worst time of year. Best because the holidays are in the air and the cold winter breeze gives you all the reasons for a nice cup of hot chocolate, but worst time of year because of the hassle of what to do with your winter clothes once the season is over. Not properly storing your clothes will result in damage especially for delicate pieces and with that comes an extra cost, which you shouldn’t have to spend!

How to Clean High Heels

Women wear heels for a number of different occasions. Whether the setting is professional or casual, the perfect pair of heels will make any outfit stand out. A well-loved and frequently worn pair of heels can become stained, damaged, or stinky. Just like any other shoe, high heels have to be cared for and cleaned frequently to prevent odor and deterioration. Below are a list of steps to cleaning and restoring any pair of heels back to their prime! 

How to Clean a Leather Handbag

Many people enjoy having leather bags as an accessory to carry their items in. On occasion these bags will need to be cleaned. Leather bags require a special cleaning process to keep them looking like new for years to come, and with that it means you simply cannot throw the bag in the washer machine. Listed below are tips on how to properly clean a leather bag.