10 Things You Should Never Put In A Dryer

Have you ever needed something dried but wasn’t sure if you should put it in your dryer? Well, it is important to know that there are things that should never be put in the dryer for one reason or another. Some articles can ruin the dryer itself, and sometimes the dryer will ruin the articles because they weren’t made to be dried in the machine. Here are 10 things that some people have dried drying in their dryer but should never be put in one.

1. Shoes

A lot of people do not realize that they should not put their shoes in the dryer, because they usually are capable of being put in the washing machine. However, with the dryer, the shoes are exposed to constant spinning and heat, which can cause the shoes to shrink, making them harder to wear.

2. Pleather

Many people purchase articles of clothing that are made from pleather, but pleather can melt in a dryer, ruining other clothes it is being dried with as well as the actual dryer. It is important to read and follow care instructions on your pleather articles of clothing.

3. Swimsuits

Throwing your swimsuit into your dryer will not cause damage to your dryer, but the heat from the cycles can cause the elastic in your swimsuit to expand or shrink, thereby not fitting correctly after a few cycles. It is better to lay your swimsuit out to air dry.

4. Bath Mats

Bath mats have rubber backings, and the heat from your dryer can cause the bath mat to crumble into pieces, messing up the mat and potentially your dryer.

5. Studded or Rhinestone Attire

Attire that has rhinestones or other embellishments can get messed up in a dryer. Due to the heat of the cycles, they can melt into the fabric or fall off.

6. Lace

Although throwing lace into a dryer once might not mess up the lace, if you continue to dry the lace in a dryer it can cause it to lose its shape.

7. Bras

Women constantly have to worry about washing their bras, but if your bras contain underwire or padded cups, you should avoid putting them in the dryer because over time the heat can cause the underwire and padded cups to change shape, no longer fitting properly.

8. Overalls

Overalls have large metal clasps on them that can cause damage to your dryer during the cycles, but if you need to dry them in your dryer, you can place them inside of a pillowcase and pin the case shut to help protect your dryer.

9. Yoga Mats

Although you can wash your yoga mats in your washing machine, they should never be dried in your dryer. The heat can cause the mats to become brittle and fall apart.

10. Sandy Beach Towels

You should never throw beach towels that are still full of sand into your dryer because the spinning of the dryer will cause the sand to get stuck in your dryer’s filter, which can cause issues later on.